Content Marketing

Clever Content Marketing

Here are a couple of questions to get started:

  • Do you create your own content and never post it anywhere other than your own blog?
  • Does your content just get shared once on social media then get forgotten about?

Our clever content marketing makes sure you see a positive return on the time and effort you’ve put into creating it, or the money you’ve invested in having it created on your behalf.

If you had a High Street shop, would you display nothing in your window?

With so much unique content being created and posted online every minute of every day, you have to actively market yours if you want to get it noticed.

So how does content marketing work?

Content marketing is all about getting your graphics, articles and videos in front of a wide and relevant online audience.

We do this through activities such as:

  • Creating a clear, long-term content strategy
  • Building relationships with influential bloggers in your sector
  • Finding and engaging with influencers on social media
  • Ensuring your content is search engine optimised and therefore visible
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn paid advertising campaigns
  • Industry research to look for any gaps in content that’s already out there and filling these

The great thing about content marketing is that it’s all completely measurable through social media platforms and Google Analytics.

This enables you to see important metrics such as:

  • How many people read, viewed or watched your content
  • How long their visits to your content pages lasted
  • Whether they went on to place an order or make an enquiry
  • How many times your content was shared or retweeted
  • Where the visitors to your content found it

Our well thought-out and transparent content marketing has achieved great results for companies across many different industry sectors.

Isn’t it time you shouted a bit louder about what you can offer?

Let us help you amplify your online voice. Call us now for a chat about how content marketing will benefit your business.

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