Google Penalty Recovery

If your site has received a manual penalty from Google our team of SEO experts offer Google Penalty Recovery services which can give you an in depth analysis of where your site might need rectifying. Using the latest SEO software, we can identify areas where your site fails to meet Google’s requirements for best practice.

Google’s algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin) can have devastating effects on a once successful website, impacting keyword positioning on the SERPs and dramatically reducing organic search traffic.

Our Google Penalty Recovery service comprises of two main re-inclusion strategies – Panda: which involves on site issues such as low quality content and slow page load times. The second strategy, Penguin, which is usually the one that will hit you hardest. This involves looking at your backlink profile and making a decision on whether any links will be harming your websites page rank.

In past years, many SEO experts have used questionable link building strategies that at one time worked really well to get the rankings you desired, but now Google is cracking down on these link strategies in order to encourage more natural linking to websites, effectively making for a better user experience.

Using our extensive knowledge of SEO, and with the help of top of the range tools, we can make decisions about the best course of action to remove your penalty and what to do next regarding a cleaner backlink profile. We will take care of the whole process and directly create a disavow file and submit to Google on your behalf.

If your website has been noticeably hit by a recent Google algorithm update, and/or you’d like to know more about our Google Penalty Recovery services, give us a call on 0161 236 5585 or get in touch using our contact form.

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