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Social Media Marketing with Sparkle

We have a team of savvy social media marketing people in our Manchester office getting tangible results for businesses like yours.

Before we undertake your social media campaign, we follow a proven step-by-step process:

  • Get to know and understand your business
  • Identify your social media goals
  • Analyse what your competitors are doing well and badly on social media
  • Identify your target audience and appropriate tone of voice to use
  • We’ll recommend the most relevant social media platforms for your business

Only once all that’s completed and you’re happy, will we start on managing your social media marketing campaigns.

The main social media platforms at-a-glance


Facebook allows you to build up a community of people who ‘like’ your business. It gives you the platform to engage with them through regular updates, graphics, competitions and more. Facebook also allows you to build brand awareness and get direct feedback from your target audience.


Google’s own social media platform lets you share a whole host of content with the general public or selected ‘circles’ of contacts. It is search engine friendly as you’d expect and regular, relevant updates can attract a lot of page views and increase your reach.


Another social platform we can update for you is your LinkedIn company page (you do have one don’t you?). These pages are a good way to put your business in front of thousands of professional people from anywhere in the world. As with all the social media platforms, LinkedIn company pages provide stats on metrics such as the number of times your updates were viewed and how many people engaged with them.


Twitter can be a very useful tool for your business if used correctly. It all starts with having a clear vision of your target market and the kinds of content that’s going to engage them. Too many businesses don’t get these fundamentals right before tweeting. We do.


If you’re not doing video marketing on YouTube your business is missing a trick. It’s great for attracting a wider audience, improving your search engine rankings and building authority in your sector. Video production doesn’t have to be expensive and the rewards can be huge.

The benefits of social media marketing with Kudos

Here are three big benefits of using us to manage your social media marketing campaigns:

  • Peace of mind – we have a proven track record in social media and can show you the results we’ve had
  • Attention to detail – we take the time to understand your business and target audience
  • Amplify your message – social media lets you reach a much wider audience and engage with potential customers as far afield as you want to go

So if you want to drive more traffic to your website, increase your online sales/enquiries and become known as an authority in your business sector, get in touch with us now.

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