Project Description

  • A Dao homepage on computer


A Dao is a Vietnamese restaurant hidden away in the heart of the city center of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam. Where memories unfold and you can see the way Hanoi once was through the traditional decor and the traditional food and drink served there. You can also witness entertainment as it once was through the weekly dances performed by Vietnamese people.

What we did

A Dao was referred to us by a former customer, and they wanted us to create a brand new site, which would allow people visiting vietnam to be able to see the food they offer, the events they host and find out what they deals they offer. They wanted this site to be fully optimised  and fully responsive for mobile users.

What We Achieved

We made a site that was ideal for both desktop and mobile users, with a touch of modern elements whilst clearly showcasing the traditional style of the actual restaurant.

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