Project Description


‘Fewer Units’ is an initiative launched by the NHS in the form of a mobile app that allows users to monitor and take control over drinking habits, leading to a healthier lifestyle. They came to us looking to use social media to assist the Liverpool NHS in increasing exposure to their new ‘Healthier Lifestyle’ initiative. The target market was males aged 20 – 45 in a bid to encourage them to install the mobile app and generate an organic word-of-mouth promotion on Facebook and Twitter.

What we did

We created a Facebook advertising campaign to target users who were associated with other healthy lifestyle campaigns keeping within the Liverpool area, aimed at recreational drinkers.  We created a targeted Twitter campaign focused on drinkers. We utilised our unique system to generate direct app installs from within the Facebook and Twitter apps. Overall our aim was to entice users into sharing the app and their activity with friends, encouraging an organic viral effect.

What We Achieved

We achieved over 850 app installations in 30 days.  A further 250 apps were acquired through viral exposure from friends who had seen others installing the app from Facebook.

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