Project Description


Shonn Brothers has been in business for over 50 years from their warehouse and showroom in central Manchester. They are importers and wholesale distributors of the 151 Brand, Toys, Clearance Lines, Household, Kitchenware, Cleaning Products, Stationery and Fancy Goods. They specialise in supplying Pound Shops, Retail Outlets, Schools and Charities. Shonn Brothers have been our client for over a decade and struggled for Search traffic and rankings during the early years of Search. They came to us looking to increase traffic and sales from both SEO and PPC.

What we did

We helped to develop robust PPC and SEO campaigns. We researched user behaviour and came up with a very targeted keyword set which we refined and tested whilst running the PPC. Location targeting and day parting proved very successful. We wrote site content designed both to bring visitors from high ranking search engine results, and then to take the visitors through the process of converting them to customers. The Offpage optimisation was extremely challenging and we sourced many relevant links and outreached via content to ensure the authority of the domain was built.

What We Achieved

We have been achieving no. 1 Google rankings on various set of keywords over the course of the last year and all the keywords are in the top 10. The PPC activity has been achieving click through rates (CTRs) consistently of over 5%.The volume of searches and sales have been increasing month on month year to date and sales have been up 150% this year from 2013.

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