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eCommerce Essentials

The eCommerce sector continues to grow at great pace year on year. With so much competition and users expecting more and more from their online shopping experiences, it certainly pays to get your eCommerce presence right first time.

An ecommerce system is used specifically for selling goods online from a website and will include essential features such as the ability to manage your products and orders, analyse your sales data and browse your products and catalogue. Our eCommerce systems are 100% search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly with the option to optimise your website and products further from your admin panel.

After discussing what you’re looking for, we will choose a suitable eCommerce platform for your project such as Magento, Zencart or another tried and tested platform.

eCommerce Delivered

Listed below is an overview of the features and consideration taken into account for every eCommerce website we develop:

Site management

  • Management of informational pages with a content management system so you can easily and conveniently edit any content on your website and online shop.
  • Controlled user permissions. If you have more than one person working on your website, you can control who sees what.
  • Any third-party applications your business may have, such as a computerised stock control system, can be easily integrated with our ecommerce systems and run simultaneously.

Checkout, payment and shipping

  • One-page system on checkouts so everything is displayed and filled out on a single page.
  • All orders placed on both the front and back end of your website are SSL security encrypted.
  • Integration with Amazon payments, multiple PayPal gateways, Authorize.net and Google Checkout is available.

Order management

  • You can view any orders placed on the ecommerce website, edit orders or create new orders (usually if you have taken an order over the telephone) and complete any outstanding orders.
  • You can print invoices, packing slips and delivery notes of any orders.
  • Email notifications of orders so you can keep track of all orders placed on the ecommerce system.

Customer accounts

  • View order status, recently ordered items and history of any order placed by a customer and allowing a re-order from their account.
  • Allow customers to store data such as billing information, addresses, wishlists and view their account dashboard including their shopping cart, current wishlist, recent orders and any reviews they have made.
  • Send our email newsletters to inform customers of any sales or special offers.

Inventory and reviews

  • Manage your inventory with the ability to back order your products and add minimum and maximum quantities.
  • Google Base integration with your ecommerce site so that searchers can find your items in Google Shopping.
  • All product reviews and product tags can be approved, edited or deleted as required.

Product and catalogue browsing

  • On any of your product listings, you can display multiple images, incorporate a zoom facility, show available stock, have product reviews and show related products.
  • For filtering your products either in the search results or in your categories, you can have a layered / faceted navigation.
  • Customers can also search the catalogue for recently viewed products, product comparisons and recently compared products.

There are a whole lot more features we can provide you with depending on your eCommerce needs. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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